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Ice Bucket Challenge

For those of you who are unaware of the concept which has turned into a worldwide frenzy, a participant is nominated to have a bucket of ice cold water thrown over them to raise awareness of motor neurone disease (MND). They then nominate others to complete the challenge and are encouraged to donate to a charity for MND.

This cause is particularly close to home for our office manager Liz whose good friend Jan suffers from MND. Liz bravely did the ice bucket challenge and then even more bravely nominated one of the partners, Hilton Armstrong, to follow suit.

We were all sure Hilton would back out of doing the challenge so we were all very surprised when he had a go, particularly doing so in a suit! However, this wasn’t really an issue given that he stayed perfectly dry! We’ve given him a lot of grief for failing to throw a bucket of ice cold water over himself but we’ve let him off as he kindly made a sizeable donation to Jan’s fundraising efforts which is really the whole point of these challenges.

Please see the link below if any of you are interested in Jan’s fundraising or would like to donate to help find a cure for motor neurone disease.


Kathryn Watson – September 2014