Post sepsis syndrome sufferer accepts over £1,000,000 in damages

Mrs I developed abdominal pains and changes in her bowel habits.  In July 2016 she attended her local emergency department on 3 occasions in 6 days.  Each time she was discharged.

Two days after her last visit, Mrs I was woken by terrific pains and was admitted to hospital.  She had suffered a perforated bowel which had caused four quadrant faecal peritonitis.  She required an ileostomy.  Mrs I was not in good condition post operatively.  She needed prolonged life preserving treatment in ITU and HDU due to severe systemic sepsis and shock and, as a result, she has been left with post sepsis syndrome which is also known as critical illness myopathy or post-critical care syndrome.

We helped Mrs I lodge a formal complaint with the Trust and then we offered her a Conditional Fee Agreement to investigate the treatment she had received.  The independent expert in General Surgery that we approached was critical of the failure to suspect on an earlier occasion that the cause of the abdominal pain was a bowel obstruction and he opined that Mrs I should have been offered a CT scan which would have revealed the  obstruction before the bowel ruptured.  While Mrs I would have always needed surgery and would have always needed an ileostomy, with an earlier diagnosis, she would have avoided the peritonitis and the need for the treatment which has sadly left her significantly disabled and unable to manage to care for her own stoma.

The Defendant admitted liability for Mrs I’s injuries and we then undertook a forensic investigation into quantifying her claim and establishing what compensation was reasonable to meet Mrs I’s life-long needs.  The evidence we obtained from independent experts in Intensive Care Medicine, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Care and Accommodation told us that Mrs I’s severe weakness and fatigue was unlikely to improve and in fact it would lead to her aging more quickly than she would have otherwise.  She needs significant amounts of daily care and assistance and her home is no longer suitable as she cannot manage stairs and is too weak even to manage a stairlift independently.

The Defendant acknowledged the severity of Mrs I’s condition after having her examined by experts they had instructed and at a round table meeting with both parties the Claimant accepted a seven figure sum in full and final settlement of her claim.

Mrs I was very happy with the outcome of case but she has suffered greatly and unnecessarily and unfortunately her prospect of making any real recovery are slim.  The compensation however will make her life more comfortable.

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Ashleigh Holt – July 2022