High Street Optician fails to prevent loss of eye sight

In May 2007 Frederick complained of some blurring of the vision in his right eye when seen by an Optometrist at a popular high street Optician for his regular eye test.  In August 2007 he re took the test and was assured there was no deterioration.

In February 2008 Frederick attended an alternative Optician who referred him to the Opthalmology clinic  at a local hospital with raised intraocular pressure in his right eye.  He was diagnosed as suffering from glaucoma.

Frederick had suffered a significant loss of vision in his right eye to a level leaving him functionally blind in that eye.  He had also lost approximately 20 – 30% of the peripheral vision in his left eye. 

It transpired that the intraocular pressure in Frederick’s  right eye had been significantly raised above normal upper limits during the May and August examinations and  that this should have prompted a referral to hospital at this time allowing his condition to be diagnosed and treated allowing him to maintain normal visual acuity in the right eye and avoiding any significant loss of his peripheral visual field in his left eye. 

Court proceedings were started and Solicitors acting for the high street Optician quickly confirmed they would not be defending the claim.  Frederick accepted a settlement of £65,000 in damages plus payment of his legal costs.


Ashleigh Holt