First Impressions

When I first started here at Armstrong Foulkes I was, perhaps fortunately, not fully aware of the complexities of a Clinical Negligence claim. As a result of my studies and personal experience I was familiar with more common types of negligence, road traffic accidents or trips and falls for example, and I of course knew that negligence could occur in a clinical context but I didn’t truly appreciate quite how different and complicated a Clinical Negligence claim could be.

As Armstrong Foulkes exclusively handle Medical Claims I have had the perfect environment in which to learn. The wealth of experience in the firm means that, although every case is different, few cases are entirely unique. More often than not someone has handled a similar case and can provide the benefit of their advice and guidance on what has occurred and how to proceed.

One aspect of Clinical Negligence that I find especially rewarding is the opportunity to meet and interact with clients face to face. Whilst some firms deal with their clients almost entirely using telephone, Email or post there really is no substitute for meeting people in person. Through developing a good relationship with clients I have found that it is much easier to appreciate and address their needs and problems. Medical claims usually involve complicated and detailed medical reports and medical conditions, Armstrong Foulkes insist that wherever possible they see clients personally to go through them and ensure they are understood and any questions are answered.   I have also learnt that meeting people gives me a fantastic opportunity to put their mind at ease if they have any concerns and ensure that they understand not only what will be happening with their claim, but also why it’s going to happen.

I have quickly come to realise that Clinical Negligence is a fantastic area of law in which to work. It has the perfect combination of complexity and client focus which results in enormous job satisfaction. I certainly feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to work for a firm dealing exclusively in this vital and complex area of law.

Dan Richardson – February 2014