“All Rise” – a poem by Mr D Pearson

We received the following poem from a client who we act for in a clinical negligence claim relating to the death of his wife. We recently represented him, with the assistance of a barrister, at the inquest into her death. About a year ago he wrote this poem to reflect his feelings about the upcoming inquest in particular the difficult questions that would be asked, the hope that the truth would be made clear and that nobody would forget that this was about his wife and not about avoiding blame. We are grateful to him for letting us share this with you all as it reflects a very personal view of how the whole Inquest process affected him and the frustration and anxiety felt by a spouse or family during this difficult process.

Joanne Dennison


All rise.

Who told lies,

and swear.

Some can’t bear

however they try,

breakdown and cry,

all laid bare

or, hidden in their

false testimony.


All rise.

Is it too much to ask

to reveal and lift the mask,

with training and decency,

combined for leniency.

Who could stand this task

to be in the dark and bask

in their fight for clemency

forgetting who is in the cask.


All rise.

Now, it’s certified

a life now denied

a creed now broken

truly, outspoken.

How did it go then,

a well done deed.

That’s all we need.

All rise.


14 August 2012

Mr D Pearson