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As I write this the sun is shining through the window and it feels like summer is almost here. This means that the summer racing season is nearly upon us.

In rowing there are races pretty much all year around with long time-trials throughout the winter and shorter side-by-side races in the summer (regattas).

My aim, and the aim of the men’s squad that I row with at Tees Rowing Club, is to compete well in these summer regattas. That means a winter spent putting in a great deal of solid training and lots of mileage. The old mantra of “miles make champions” certainly rings true in rowing.

It seems however like we train a lot more than we race! We raced just before Christmas on the Tyne and came away with a win in the quad (4 people with 2 blades each), which was a good confidence boost to say winter training had gone well so far.

The British winter then hit and a number of races we had intended on entering got cancelled due to bad weather and flooding. Something tells me they would not have been much fun in the cold anyway.

After some slight crew changes and with summer on the way we kicked off the regatta season mid-April up at Chester-le-Street and got another win in the four (4 people with 1 blade each).

We now move on to compete on a more national stage against the top crews from down south and then we will really get to see how we shape up.

A big summer of racing lies ahead and I will endeavour to keep you all updated.

Andrew Walker – April 2015


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